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My recommended security product just got more expensive – makes you WannaCry (:

For the last 3 years or so, Kaspersky has been the recommended security product for PC’s and laptops.  I make a point of reading the annual PC Pro Security product labs very closely.  It’s somewhat worrying to note that the … Continue reading

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Windows 10 – Creators Update

Described by many reviewers as a minor major update, the creators update is still arriving to a bemused public.  A definite improvement over previous versions, but containing nothing earth shattering – not that we would want that 🙂   I … Continue reading

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Un-google? ha ha

Back in January, I wrote of un-googling.  This was before I changed my phone from a Windows 10 driven thing to an Android device.  To say it was a big improvement is an understatement.  Next shock, after struggling with a … Continue reading

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Windows 10 – 1st Anniversary – I’m not celebrating :( (Updated!!)

I have to say, after a year of using Windows 10, I’m somewhere I never expected to be – I can no longer recommend the current version of Microsoft Windows for my customers.  Never thought I would be saying that, … Continue reading

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A Conscious un-googling

Some time before Christmas I noticed Google chrome was running increasingly slow on some of my windows computers. Then it began hanging altogether. After this happened a few times, I downloaded Firefox and switched to that as my main browser … Continue reading

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Windows 10 – four months on

So, windows 10 has been with us, officially for over 4 months. Mainly well received in the press as Microsoft’s “Make or break” operating system I’ve now installed it many times on a variety of computers, either as a fresh … Continue reading

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Harmonix IT – Bringing harmony to IT Support

As of October 2015, Harmonix IT is up and running providing bespoke IT support and musical services to the Wakefield area of Yorkshire. This blog will be mainly used for IT related articles.

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